A special result comes with a unique solution

We are a creative and technological, international Agency that supports business brands, applying the methods of an exponential approach to solving any business problems.

We develop and test our methods and technologies, combining skills and practical experience to improve business processes for your projects.

Why do they cooperate with us?


Turning ideas into a workable plan

We create a brand platform for the project and describe its ideas in words that are clear to the target audience Изображение


Corporate identity and design, trademarks, logos, packaging and printing


Software and mobile applications of any complexity. We make online stores, personal websites, and landing pages.


Creating a media strategy for promoting your project in social networks.networks and Media

Accompanied by a Visual narrative

We shoot TV ads, film production, and video content


We help you set up your subconscious program for financial success. We harmonize the mind to generate a unique solution. We teach tools for self-regulation and improving personal and group effectiveness. We help you build an extremely effective team for the project.

Introducing it to your business

Training system. We train our staff, create a smart service, and help you make sure that your customers come back to you.


We help you organize deals and negotiations and deal with crisis situations.

Projects that we have already implemented

Corporate identity and design


Software and applications


Business consulting and audit


Television commercial

More detailed

Staff training and service


Advertising and promotion


How can you benefit from interacting with us now?


Reverse the analysis of the project

The service developed by neuro-specialists INDIGO MARKETA - Reverse project analysis is available for you.

You will get valuable advice, form a holistic understanding of your project, identify growth points, and see hidden opportunities and real potential for your development.

You get it without payment, just leave a request.

In 3 years we have done

Projects Packed
Logos created
Presentations made
$ We helped our clients to do this

Team Indigo Market

Anastasya Klimova

Founder and managing Director of the Agency IndigoMarket

Web designer, entrepreneur, marketer

Creative artist with a lifetime of experience

Expert in creating a sales design

Visited 11 countries over the past 3 years

Implemented more than a thousand projects Worked with clients from Canada, Estonia, Indonesia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia

Evgeny Kamyshev

Neural engineer and developer of communication systems

Expert on harmonizing consciousness and neuromarketing, researcher

The exponential development of thinking energy day

Serial entrepreneur, investor

Co-founder of it company Neyra LLC

Co-founder and Executive Chairman of The Neyra academy education platform

Dimitri Zadorojnyi

Founder and Director of external communications and public relations of Indigo Market

Experienced entrepreneur, co-founder of the Сanadian construction company Crystallia Custom Finishing Corp., which is the market leader in home decoration